How Kirby Taxis Helped During A Time Of Crisis

How Kirby Taxis Helped During A Time Of Crisis

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  • Author Faton Hajdini
  • Published June 9, 2021
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When the pandemic hit early in 2020 it is fair to say that most of us weren’t prepared. As lockdown went into effect across the UK many of us were forced to work from home. We couldn’t see our loved ones anymore if they didn’t live in the same household as us and leaving your home for anything other than essential shopping became enforced by the government.

This effectively meant all travel around the city by taxi came to a stand still. A once thriving industry of taxi drivers, like so many other industries became obsolete. However, Kirby Taxis decided to put it’s drivers to good use to help with some of the new challenges which arose when covid-19 crippled much of our day-to-day activities.

When those high at risk were told to stay home Kirby Taxis in Leicester used their vehicles to transport much needed groceries and hampers to those who needed it most. Using protective measures, put in place to protect both the drivers and those receiving care packages, Kirby Taxis was able to safely deliver across Leicester.

Once delivery services were able to catch up with the demand placed on them and these services were no longer required Kirby Taxis went back to doing what they do best: offering an affordable, reliable taxi service in Leicester. While airport shuttles have remained an option throughout the pandemic there has been very little use of them, for obvious reasons. Now, as things slowly get back to normal, Kirby Taxis is ready to serving people across Leicester, happy to have helped in a time of crisis.

I am the proud owner of Kirby Taxis in Leicester and have been happy to deliver a trustworthy service for many years. Giving safe, comfortable and affordable journey’s to our valued customers.


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