Places You Need To Visit In Scotland That You Have Probably Never Heard Of

Places You Need To Visit In Scotland That You Have Probably Never Heard Of

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  • Published April 6, 2021
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When planning a trip to Scotland you want to make sure you see all the top attractions listed on TripAdvisor or in your guide book. After all, if it is a once in a lifetime trip you want to ensure you see all the best places and attractions. Maybe you have a friend that has been before and insists that you must visit Edinburgh Castle and then climb Ben Nevis. When planning a trip, they are all great ways to start.

However, at The Hairy Coo in Edinburgh, we love Scotland so much that we want to introduce you to some less commonly known places that are just as great to visit. We believe so strongly that they are worth visiting that we have included them in our award-winning Scotland Tours.

Top 5 must-see places in Scotland that are not on your radar:

  1. Stirling Castle

We include Stirling Castle in some of our tours as it is simply amazing and one of the largest castles in Scotland. It sits proudly on a large crag or rock above Stirling and offers amazing views from the ramparts. The interior and history of this castle are just as fascinating and impressive as the views from outside. Whether your visit this castle for a few hours during one of our tours or take a leisurely day trip to Stirling we think you will love it.

  1. The Kelpies

A kelpie or water kelpie is a creature from Scottish folklore that is usually described as a horse-like creature. Since 2014, you can view 2 stunning 30-metre-high kelpie sculptures near Falkirk. They watch over the gateway to the eastern entrance of the Forth and Clyde canal. Whether you see them from a distance or stand directly underneath them, visit them during the day or lit up at night they are always worth a visit.

  1. Clava Cairns

In Scotland, ‘cairn’ is a word to describe a stack of stones. A cairn can range from just a small memorial marker to a large ancient building.

Clava Cairns is an ancient Bronze Age sacred site about 4000 years old which was used as a cemetery. The sites contain a range of prehistoric burial monuments and the remains of a medieval chapel. A short visit here gives visitors a chance to learn a little about early Scottish civilisation. The Hairy Coo’s 2, 3 and 5-day tours of Scotland include a trip to the Clava Cairns.

  1. The Hermitage

Beautiful waterfalls and some of the tallest trees in Britain reside here. The Hermitage is located near Dunkeld about 15 miles north of Perth. It is definitely one for nature lovers!

You can visit the folly of Ossian’s Hall and safely watch over the waterfalls. You may even see salmon leaping in the Autumn or spy a red squirrel scampering about the trees.

  1. Corrieshalloch Gorge National Nature Reserve

We visit the stunning Corrishalloch Gorge on our 5-day tour of Scotland. It is located in the North of Scotland about 20km south of Ullapool. The River Droma rushes through the 1-mile long deep gorge. Its name is Gaelic for ‘ugly hollow’, however, we don’t know who named it because it is truly beautiful and well worth a visit. You can take a short walk to a Victorian suspension bridge where you can gaze down over a series of crashing waterfalls.

The Hairy Coo tours include many more fascinating and scenic places as we always want everyone who chooses a Hairy Coo tour to experience the best of Scotland. So before you create your Scotland trip itinerary, remember to find time to visit some of the lesser-known places. The best way to do that is to join a tour taken by a Scotland expert.

The Hairy Coo is an award-winning tour operator based in Edinburgh. They offer private tours of Scotland, day trips from Edinburgh and multi-day Scotland tours from Edinburgh.


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