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  • Published February 4, 2021
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After all, being an introvert doesn’t mean that you don’t travel or don’t have strong desire to travel, isn’t it? Travelling when you are an introvert is an awesome experience, though challenges pop out during your travel. If an introvert like you follows some experiences of other introverts, I guess things shall become lot easier. In a situation when you are on the road and out of your usual routine tips like below shall come handy. Read carefully buddy.

  1. Schedule some time when you spend it all by yourself

If you are travelling in group, may be your group plans for some activities that you don’t want to go out for. Say, if your group has group dinner every day or if your fellow group members plan some seeing things you aren’t interested in, it’s okay to skip it. For some not so important activities (at least you may think it to be unimportant), its okay to stay back, relax and recharge.

  1. May be you can go for some solo travelling

Introverts are people with passion for observation and not expressing themselves loud. For this reason, if you are more comfortable with wandering on your own and observe things rather than having someone to tell to, go for solo travel. Try for some travel apps and sites to avoid missing travel info or do some serious research for your trip.

  1. Bring a journal with you

I’m sure, being an introvert, you like to reflect on things and process the events going on around you all alone. Journal can be a perfect thing for this. You can go to a café or coffee shop and write down your travel thoughts and experiences in a journal. Record your thoughts of the moment. It’s wonderful equipment for introverts. Trust an introvert on this!

  1. Stay near a good coffee shop, library or bookshop

Whether you go for home-stay or for some bed and breakfast only option, be sure you have a good coffee shop around the place of your stay. Coffee shops provide a good observation place for introverts; you hear to people who know all the cool stuffs happening around town and find out subtle things about local culture.

  1. Read about your destination(s)

Because introverts enjoy reading books and other literatures, utilize this habit to know more about the places you opt to travel to. Try to find out the places mentioned in that literature and try finding out if the cultural references actually work the way they are mentioned. Enrich your travel experiences and learn about the new world you are going to be a part of.

  1. Go for natural wilderness

Almost like an established fact its known that introverts love exploring the wilderness. People like you love to move at your own pace and in sync with the nature. This also serves your purpose where you want to know things and experience those without being influenced by others. For introverts who find tempted enough to go relaxed and explore things on their own, heading into nature serves the best.

Fellow introverts, try these tips that have been presented here which are based on experiences of other introverts like you. Feel blessed to have sharp observation ability and the tendency to get immersed into new environment rather than having an urge to ‘do things’. Plan ahead of your travel, know what you actually want from the trip and make preparations accordingly. Have a happy travelling and be a free soul!

Krishna has been working in tourism sector since 2017, as he was running his Masters’ degree. Afterward the accomplishment of his graduation, he is fully keen in this industry.

Email: info@holymountaintreks.com



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