How To Write a Fantastic Video Game Review

How To Write a Fantastic Video Game Review

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  • Author Jonathan Davis
  • Published July 14, 2020
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Preliminary Steps

  1. Begin simply by playing the game of your choosing for at least 6-10 hours. It is crucial to get a significant play-through of the content and explore as many features in the game as to not rely on first impressions only.

  2. While playing, take notes about what you like during the play-through. Take note of game aspects such as graphics, sound, player and world mechanics. Also, take the time to jot down notes about how smoothly the game flows from scene to scene.

  3. Likewise, take notes about what you do not like during the play-through. For instance, if the graphics look drab write that down. If you feel like the game does not transition smoothly and has you confused or wishing for more than that is another thing to take notice of. No game is perfect, it is important to identify anything that you believe can be improved upon within the game to deliver a better experience.

  4. Try to compare the game to previous releases or other similar games in the genre that you have played. It could become easy to be overly critical about an aspect or feature in a game. Thus, comparing to previous releases or other similar games allows the audience and yourself to have a reference point and not just a blanket opinion that can seem too harsh.

Constructing The Review

  1. Start compiling these components above into a full-fledged review of about 500-1000 words.

  2. Begin by introducing the game you will be reviewing. Especially, if it isn’t a popular game it is important to hook the reader in and give a general insight of what the franchise or title is about. Focus on around 2-4 sentences.

  3. Next, dive into talking about the graphics, sound, and overall mechanics. Be sure to at least mention what game console you are playing on as this may influence graphics and sound to some degree. This portion should be comprehensive consisting of at least 4-6 sentences.

  4. Write about the overall plot and characters that are in the game. Make sure not to go too in-depth, as this can unintentionally spoil the game for the reader.

  5. Project your opinion on the game. Give an overall score on a scale from 1-10, whilst saying if you would recommend it or not.

You’re Almost Done

  1. PROOFREAD, look for common punctuation errors, run on sentences, grammar errors etc. It is very important for your reviews to look professional. It would be hard for a reader to take your opinion seriously if you have hundreds of errors. When it’s ready, send it off to be published or post it yourself.

Hello, My name is Jonathan Davis and I am an avid fan of video games. I created this article because I think one of the best ways to increase your viewership on YouTube or on a gaming blog is to review games you have played. That being said. It is important to get down the basics of what goes into a clear and concise review.

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