Run Linux On Your PS3

Run Linux On Your PS3

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  • Author Stephen Salvatore
  • Published December 13, 2011
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PS3Magic, is an astonishingly simple Linux Installation software guide that allows PC applications on your PS3 Instantly. Generally Gaming consoles are designed so that foreign systems cannot run on them, but PS3 goes in the total opposite direction, allowing an experienced Linux user to personalize their unconventional in allowing this.

What is really unique about the PlayStation 3 is that – it is the same processor used in some of the high end IBM systems. That means you can use the PS3 as a fun, Game Playing console as well as the front end of super computing system for better performance such as: game development, internet programs, open office, movies and other type of functionality on computer desktops today.

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There are several types of Linux programs that can be considered for this; some are perfect for your console and others are not. Yellow dog Linux and Ubuntu are the best programs that will fit well for your PS3, but if you have different intentions here is a list of others:

YELLOW DOG LINUX- is specially customized for the PS3 and was released for only PS3 users. YDL has over 2200 programs and accessories that will give you the ultimate experience of a Desktop PC.

UBUNTU- is an operating system built by a worldwide team of expert developers. It contains all the applications you need: Web browser, office suite, media apps, instant messaging and much more.

FEDORA- is not a good option of the PS3 right now as it does not have the required optimization and runs slower than Ubuntu and TDL.

EDUBUNTU – is packaged for education

KUBUNTU – uses KDE which looks closer to windows in terms of default color and menu apps. It also offers more options to configure your programs and Desktop.

XUBUNTU – Uses XFCE which is good for older computers, computers with limited resources in terms of RAM or storage but is also good on new computers if you want a lean system. To Get PS3Magic Check Author Resource.

If you are still struggling to install Linux your PS3 and feel deceived by all the How-To guides and Software’s available on the net – well all I can say is this: It’s Not Your Fault. I know how confusing they all are. On this page you are going to discover how to choose the right Linux for your PS3 and how to install it without all the technical hassles. 
PS3Magic is an easy to use software guide that takes away all the guesswork and helps you to install Linux in your PS3 effortlessly. 

With PS3Magic you can install Yellowdog Linux(up to latest Version!) and also Ubuntu Linux.

Doing so allows you to Play Movies, Music and most other type of multimedia file formats which your PS3 usually doesn’t support. 
Never have an unplayable file again! Run Windows with Yellow Dog Linux or Ubuntu Linux – according to your preference.

PS3Magic has also been updated to install Windows. If you are not familiar with Linux Operating system, then our product will also help you install and Run Windows in your PS3 seamlessly. Receive free lifetime updates and support with the latest features available for your PS3.

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