1 Cup At 9pm Shrinks Your Belly While You Sleep

1 Cup At 9pm Shrinks Your Belly While You Sleep

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  • Published October 20, 2021
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It’s not easy to find credible weight loss drinks and foods that help you lose weight. But they are out there and this article will show you just where to get them. But before we get into the topic itself, it is important to note that most diet foods and weight loss drinks are lies. They do not work.

Statistics constantly show that diet foods including weight watchers meals, low carb foods, and most other mainstream products do not work. And when it comes to drinks that help you lose weight, the same can be said. Most diet drinks with low calories and low carbs are also false and do not work. To find the foods and drinks that do help you lose weight, you have to go natural. So let’s begin.

Weight Loss Drinks

  1. Apple cider vinegar. This isn’t the tastiest drink but it’s VERY powerful when it comes to weight loss and most of all health improvement. In addition to having many healthy nutrients and vitamins, apple cider vinegar also helps remove undigested food from your body.

This will not only get rid of undigested food that will cause weight loss, but it will also prevent any weight gain in the future because it will continually clean your body from the inside. Generally, apple cider vinegar should be consumed 2-3 times a day with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with a cup of water. No less, no more.

Results may vary but in general, most people can see weight loss and health improvement results within less than a month.

  1. Water. Now earlier I had said to avoid drinking low-calorie, low carb drinks but this is just plain water. Water has and always will be the source of life and refreshment. Therefore it is very important that your body be “fed” with water because 70% of your body contains it!

The cleaner and more natural the water is, the better your body functions. With it, you can lose a lot of weight. Some of the healthiest celebrities such as Halle Berry say their secret to looking good is drinking a lot of water. It’s a simple procedure! Just drink 8 glasses of water daily and you’ll see results in less than a month as well!

  1. Cranberry juice. This is one of the most powerful weight loss drinks in existence today. It is also as powerful as water. The health benefits of cranberry juice are explained below in the foods section. But if you’re confused as to how much water and cranberry juice to drink, don’t worry! Mix it up. Drink water one day and cranberry juice another. The most important thing here is that you drink more of the above drinks and less of the processed mainstream drinks. Then weight loss will happen very quickly!

Foods That Help You Lose Weight

  1. Flaxseeds. Flaxseeds are small seeds that when eaten help digest food better, stoping constipation, bloating, and more. In addition, this will help digest the foods you eat better causing weight loss to occur. In addition, flaxseeds contain omega 3’s which help with blood circulation which also helps in weight loss.

  2. Cranberries. Cranberries contain many health benefits including many vitamins and nutrients that help prevent urinary tract infections, diseases such as cancer, and heart disease. How does this lead to weight loss? The more cranberries you eat, the healthier your body gets. The healthier your body gets, the better its metabolism. And fast metabolism = weight loss.

  3. Lemons. They may be sour but they are VERY powerful. Though I can’t go into the full details of lemons and weight loss, I can however state that they are one of the best ways to lose weight. Lemons cleanse the kidney and many other areas of the body. Cleanse means the cleaning of the body from the inside which can lead to 10-20 pounds of weight loss in a week. More information on lemon cleanses is explained on the page linked below!

The products described above are just a tiny sample of the healthy foods and drinks out there that you can use to lose weight and improve your health at the same time.

1 Cup At 9 pm Shrinks Your Belly While You Sleep

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