The Rise Of Asian Supermarket Online In Canada

The Rise Of Asian Supermarket Online In Canada

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  • Published June 2, 2021
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As Covid-19 continues to cause economic and humanitarian crises worldwide, businesses across all industries and sectors have taken a hit to their daily operations and functional strategies. Disrupted supply chains, missing staff, and city-wide lockdowns made it impossible for retailers to serve their customers promptly.

This gave way to Asian supermarkets like T&T.

As one of the largest Asian Supermarkets in Canada, T&T Supermarket took no time adapting to the changing realities, coming up with more efficient, safer, and productive processes and systems. With stores in 26 different cities across Canada, T&T provides authentic Asian food items to the local population and offers a wide range of Asian cuisine in Canada.

But it wasn’t always easy. As Covid-19 started hitting businesses everywhere, T&T Supermarket also faced significant challenges and losses too. Their Ottawa store was hit the hardest among the nine stores in the eastern region, making them lose a large portion of their consumer market.

But while adapting to the pandemic and post-pandemic reality of running businesses smoothly, T&T has managed to retain its status as perhaps the largest Asian supermarket online in Canada. It achieved this status by developing, implementing, and sustaining pandemic-friendly practices and initiatives that made it possible for them to progress in a challenging business environment.

Here are some of the ways T&T Supermarket catered to its customers during the pandemic:

T&T Shop Online

After witnessing changing customer behaviours, T&T leveraged the online channels and created an E-commerce store for consumers who wanted to buy groceries from their homes. Their online website holds a vast selection of every grocery item present in their physical store. All you need to do is register for a T&T online account and sign up for the Rewards card if you don’t already have one.

After registering, you will receive a verification email that tells you, you are all ready to shop at T&T online.

Payment & Delivery

When it comes to the available payment methods at T&T Shop Online, they accept VISA & MasterCard credit cards or Alipay and WeChat Pay.

If you order for Express Delivery or Click & Collect, you can get all food categories delivered to your home. This includes meat, seafood, bakery items, kitchen snacks, dairy and frozen items and beauty and household things. But if you go for mail to home, you can only order snacks, food essentials and beauty and household products.

All the products sold online on T&T’s website are also sold in their store and follow the same high-quality standards.

The New T&T Mobile App

When Canadians found themselves isolated in their homes under a mandatory lockdown, they resorted to online stores and supermarkets to buy groceries. This change in consumer behaviour and the shift in shopping habits made online shopping more commonplace than before.

For T&T, the initial days of lockdown were turbulent as they struggled to keep up with orders placed through a WeChat account. Their e-commerce was not entirely mature, and department heads had to keep track of orders and deliveries manually.

The customers wanted a faster and more efficient channel, and T&T had to oblige. They came up with a mobile app that lets people place orders right from their smartphones.

The T&T Supermarket mobile app gives access to over 10,000 products available to order at all times. This includes a wide range of live seafood, fresh meat, and other options that can be delivered the next day of order placement. Other notable features include:

Easy Sign Up & Rewards

The app allows you to sign up with a new username and password or sign in using an existing WeChat, Facebook, Google or even your Apple ID account.

The T&T app automatically assigns a Rewards Card to each user after registration. If you already have a T&T Rewards Card, you can use it to sign up for the app. Even users who have just signed up as non-members can connect their Rewards card to the app and earn points with each purchase.

Different Payment Methods

The app lets you pay via several different payment and delivery methods to offer flexibility and ease to customers. T&T supermarket now also accepts Alipay and WeChat Pay to provide a seamless transaction experience.

Track Orders

The app allows you to track an order from the moment you place it until it arrives on your doorstep. With this feature, you get complete transparency into your order status and know when to expect your grocery.

Real-Time Notifications On Current Deals

T&T’s mobile application has been designed to notify the customers of the latest deals available on the app.

Weekly Specials

The app features hundreds of sale items and promotions that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Delivery Methods

The customers can either opt for Click & Collect to skip the line or go for a contactless pickup. Or they can select Express Delivery that delivers fresh produce and seafood the next day. Moreover, it enables them to send a gift or care package to anybody living anywhere in Canada.

In Conclusion

When Covid-19 hit Canada, most people either rushed to the supermarkets to stockpile or locked themselves inside their houses. But this gave rise to questions like how to get groceries and where they can get it from.

T&T Supermarket has become a trailblazer because of its proactive strategies and quick adaption to changing customer behaviours. An on-trend app and options like next-day delivery and contactless pickups make them the best Asian grocery online that offers ease and flexibility to their customers.

On top of this, their strict safety regulations and disinfection protocols enable their customers to trust them with their health and safety.

You can download the Android app or try the iPhone version to place your orders. Or visit any of their locations in British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta to shop your favourite Asian food items.

T&T Supermarket is the largest Asian grocery store in the country, with 27 stores across Canada. We have a wide variety of Asian products, easy to shop online for curbside pick up & fast delivery across Canada. At our Mississauga location, you will find fresh produce, quality meat, seafood and essentials.

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