Batteries and Power Stations for your Home

Batteries and Power Stations for your Home

The cost of batteries is falling, driven by economic scale and technological improvements for rechargeable lithium-ion LiFePO4 batteries. These are now used in everything, including our laptops, power tools, PCs and smartphones. With a large bank of batteries or a handy good performing power station, homeowners can also store excess electricity generated by their solar panels during the day and draw from the batteries at their convenience. The developers and technicians at Houny are producing stop start lithium ion (LiFePO4) battery LiFePO4 battery packs and portable power stations for your homes.

There is no battery technology today that can economically store enough electricity for weeks of blackouts, let alone months. LiFePO4 batteries work very well in conjunction with solar panels so homeowners with solar panels, still needing to tap into the electricity grid, can charge batteries and reap the financial rewards from “making hay while the sun shines”. Independence from the grid is still a fair way off in the future and in some countries illegal.

Utilities are pushing back too. Many utilities advocate that everyone must share financial responsibility for the maintenance and upgrade of the centralized power even for homes which have self-production capacity. In countries like Germany, this system is already in place with home owners who supply power back to the grid given generous discounts on bills or even money back refunds for excess power.

Houny has a wide range of LiFePO4 portable power stations

Most electricity is being generated in central power plants and this is still true of most countries today. These power plants are huge with some providing power for over a million homes; such power plants can be very costly. Environmentally unfriendly, they burn coal, natural gas, oil or nuclear fuel to generate heat which runs a mechanical turbine and alternator which induces electricity. That electrical power then needs to be distributed across hundreds of miles to the end user, requiring expensive transmission and causing losses and inefficiency. In addition, power plants which use fossil fuels contribute to climate change and polluting by-products that are harmful and toxic.

So, is it possible to scale down a power plant to the size of a home?

Efficient small generators and power stations are here, as it turns out, most homes already have a miniaturized power plant in the form of petroleum based lead acid battery generator. With a Houny portable power station you can help minimize your ever increasing fuel bill at home by supplementing your electrical needs with saved power, also very handy for keeping you energized during power outages.

Today, newer technologies such as the fuel cells found in LiFePO4 batteries are reaching high efficiency levels and safer more eco-friendly capabilities. This has allowed LiFePO4 batteries and portable power stations to become available to individual consumers and homeowners. Furthermore, these new technologies have far lower maintenance requirements and no sound pollution, making them more amenable to a residence and to neighbors. Finally, these set-ups give individuals the option of producing power on demand or storing power for when it is needed most.

The benefits of LiFePO4 batteries and efficient LiFePO4 power stations go beyond being greener and saving energy bills. A month after hit Puerto Rico 80% of the island still had no electricity. This highlights the fragility of traditional power generation and transmission and why a Houny portable power station could be beneficial in your home.

Houny has a wide range of LiFePO4 Battery Packs and Stop-Start Car batteries.

The future can be different if we keep power sources close to us as consumers so that we can have some control in the power generating process. Stored power is less likely to disappear the next time there is a power outage from fallen trees or severe storms. LiFePO4 batteries and small power stations can form a back-up plan that can improve your energy systems. It can also provide you with a cheap and practical way of using your power tools when no electrical outlets are close at hand.

Every small part can count and this could also be critical for the developing world, where many people still don’t have access to reliable power. With these technologies, society can almost forego the need to spend trillions on central power generation and transmission. This can help us to deliver power that is clean, efficient and practical to all homes. LiFePO4 technology is clean, quick and extremely easy to use with next to no maintenance, batteries and power stations are light weight and are becoming smaller and smaller but producing and retaining energy at much more efficient rates. There is the added bonus of protecting the environment as well, LiFePO4 batteries are made from materials that have little or no impact on the environment, in fact many batteries are already produced from recycled materials taken from old or used LiFePO4 batteries.


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