Get busy this festive season with a summer bucket list

Get busy this festive season with a summer bucket list

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Are you one the lucky ones who have some time off this festive season? Whether you’ve got a weekend or a couple of weeks on your hands, here are some ideas of what to do to keep you busy – and enjoying adventures this festive season. 

Go for a swim

We’re not talking about in your pool, if you have one. Go to a rooftop bar, or a local dam or the beach if you can. Take a refreshing dip somewhere different this festive season and make the most of the glorious sunny weather. 

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Join the festive tourists

Tourism flourishes in SA and this festive season, its about time you set out to discover why. If you stay near a cable car, why not book yourself a trip up and down one? Or perhaps enjoy the city views on a ferris wheel, or at a popular vantage point. 

Take a hike

Why not spend the last of this decade being active? South Africa is home to countless hiking routes, suited to all fitness levels. Head out on a trail and breathe in the fresh air, as you get closer to nature and give your body a boost. 

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Seek adventure

This is the perfect time to try out an activity, which you could enjoy so much that you decide to take it up as a hobby. Head down to the ice-rink for some skating, or try your balance with a surfing lesson – lookout for extended festive season trading hours and specials.


Sunsets are a daily given, and yet one we don’t take the time to appreciate enough. Make it your mission to watch more of these, watching the colours in the sky change as the sun sinks past the horizon. This is the perfect start to your next item…

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When last did you go for a night out on the town? Whether you prefer to keep it casual, or to go hard, remind yourself what it is to let your hair down. After all, this is the season for celebrations. Lookout for parties, there are many great ones planned during the festive season.


Your night out may or may not lead you to catch the sunrise. This could also be the perfect time to head out on the hike. Sunrise is a quiet time, filled with beauty that most are too sleepy to take not of. Make it your aim to see at least one of these this festive season. 

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Discover a secret spot

Being a local, one must know the secret spots in the city, the ones that don’t make it to the tourism pages. Whether its a bar downtown, or the likes of a secluded beach or a hole-in-the-wall boutique, find and savour your city’s secrets.


Set your sights to the skies before the ultimate night of the festive season, New Year’s Eve, when sparks will be flying. Find constellations and search for shooting stars, either in the open skies, or at the planetarium where you can learn a thing or two while you’re at it. 

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Go old-school 

Modern day life can be great and all, but it moves rather quickly, perhaps too quickly. Take things back a few years by heading out on an old-school adventure. That can be heading to a drive thru, eating at a vintage inspired diner or heading to the bi-scope. 

That wraps up our festive season summer bucket list. Get creative, add to it or change it as you see fit. Either way, you’re encouraged to feel the spirit of the holiday fun this Dezember and to really enjoy all that life – and life in SA – has to offer. 


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